Andrew Snyder

Artist Statement


    I make pots.  That's what I do.  Production pottery has been my profession for nearly 10 years, so the production mentality has naturally eased its way into my work.  The natural evolution of this is to make my pots with as little effort as possible.  Don't misunderstand me, I don't mean lazily.  My intent is to make a pot, from beginning to end, with the most frugal use of time and materials.  I make them quickly, not only because of economy of time, but haste gives my pots a casual grace I believe can only be achieved through rigorous repetition.

    Firing my pots is just as important as making them and the process of wood firing informs my work in three ways.  First, wood firing is the only way to get the colors and surface textures to make the most of the irregular forms of my pots.  Next, my kiln creates the polar opposite of the work I perform for my production job.  With churning out so many identical pots at work, I need to have irregularity and unpredictability for my mental well-being.  Lastly, I love to fire a wood burning kiln.  There is nothing like feeding wood into the mouth of a kiln at cone twelve and seeing the white hot pots staring back at you.  For me, the act of doing so much work for so few pots is a matter of respect for the pots themselves.

    Usually, I try not to think too much while i make pots.  I feel it detracts form the spontaneity in my work.  If a pot does not live up to my expectations I will make another pot rather than fuss over inconsequential details.  I have the attitude that one cannot set out to make a beautiful pot.  A beautiful pot is made when the potter makes the same shape hundreds of times and learns the nuances of the  form, then makes that pot without a thought in his mind.  My philosophy is pretty simple...  Make more pots.