brushes and paintings.

i began doing ink paintings about a year ago.  the sumi-e style is very meditative and is alot like production pottery in that repetition is key.  although i am a rank amature, i love painting them.  these were recently painted with a number of different brushes.  take note of the different line quality among the same general design.
my handmade brushes naturally came after i had been painting for a while.  i wanted to get some nicer brushes than i had so i asked my friend maggie if she would show me how its done.  the brushes are made out of a variety of animal hairs such as bison, ox, deer, fox, squirrel, rabbit, and elk.  squirrel is probably my favorite for ink but the fox works best for slip.  i am always curious to try new animal hair, if you would like a brush made out of a specific animals hair let me know.